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Tales of the Jedi

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The Council is gone. The Temple has fallen. We are now an outlaw order when once we were the law. Our grandeur is tarnished, our status has made us targets.
But, sitting around this cookfire, I can hear the song of insects, the symphony of the stars and in music of the Force... I hear the Tales of the Jedi.

talesofthejedi is a community aimed at providing Jedi-centric writers with a shared continuity. We are still in an experimental stage so please bear with us during any ensuing chaos. The community will be a hybrid -- part fanfiction showcase, part role-playing setting.

Contributors are asked to focus their work on a specific Jedi. You may post stories from the point of view of this character and should feel free to interact with other members as much or little as you wish.

Things to note (in no order):

-Please respect all other members, their characters and storylines.
-Do not force unwanted interactions.
-You might find it easier if you start a journal devoted entirely to your character.
-Do not "hijack" another's character or plot.
-If you cannot think of a story thread to work on you might either join the communal storyline or request a special mission from obi_wan.
-While membership is geared mainly towards Jedi in the end all will be welcome.

As our community has expanded so have our rules. But fear not, most of the new rules are common-sense expansions of the originals. They can be found here.

Any questions can be addressed to obi_wan at transpondercodered@yahoo.com or find him on AIM as obiwancodered.

May the Force be with you.