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No need to get up.... [Sep. 13th, 2008|05:56 pm]
Tales of the Jedi

 ***Unofficial Transmission***

I don't wish to interrupt the story but I wanted to say hello to all my good friends and fellow Jedi.

I hope that you have all kept well and I am very proud to see that you have all kept this little community going! It is very comforting to know that the Tales of the Jedi have been kept alive. I am greatly moved.

Your friend,
Obi-Wan Kenobi

*** End Transmission***
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Surprise!! ATTN: Jason [Sep. 13th, 2008|06:42 pm]
Tales of the Jedi
Assenda watched as her targets shot off into space and she growled in anger. But just as she was able to turn and go back to her ship, he saw one ship remain and a Jedi sitting at a camp fire. He seemed to be waiting for someone. She smiled with pleasure and began to close in towards the Temple. She made her way in the ruins and up to the top of the ruins.

She built up the Force inside her and lept up high in the air. She fell down straight into the fire infront of the man and sent fire, sparks, and coles everywhere. The smoke built up around her as she drew it swirling into spires. She cackled loudly and drew her lightsabers, "Fools! Leaving one of their own to be killed so easily!!" She bent her head down at Jason and smiled beneath her mask, "Where are the rest of the Jedi going? Tell me now and I will kill you quickly, make me work for it and you die very...very painfully."
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Tella's Demon's ATTN: Tella [Sep. 8th, 2008|04:46 pm]
Tales of the Jedi
Yoda sat with a smile on a rock overlooking the small pond as he observed the life around him. Each day he would take the time to let the Force flow through him from this place. It was good to feel the presence of the Jedi around him. He was pleased to sense the footsteps of the young girl coming toward him.

His eyes were still closed when he spoke, "Come you have to answer the questions of your life have you? Where you are going, why you have lived and others died? Answered your questions can be, but like them you may not." He opened his eyes and looked at Tella, "In love you were, with another Jedi. Dangerous these feelings are when unchecked. More so for young Jedi." Yoda spoke in a lower voice, "Prepared are you to do what is necessary? To become what your destiny tells of you?"
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Dante's Demon ATTN: Dante [Sep. 8th, 2008|12:23 pm]
Tales of the Jedi
Yoda smiled as he and Dante walked out to an open field that was still dank and dark. Yoda was smiling and talking about the Force to Dante as if he didn't know what it was. They came to a rock in the middle of the field and Yoda stood on it. As he did, he turned to Dante with a serious face and looked hard at him.

"Jedi Knight Dante Kamatura. Here you are as a result of your request to purge yourself of the demon Darksaber. Start we can not, unless I see Darksaber myself." Yoda stood with his cane infront of him and both hands on the top. He did not blink, did not flinch in his request. He needed to see Darksaber.

"Feed off of the dark side you will. Let loose this evil you must. But direct your anger at me you must. Focus on hate you will." Yoda could feel the demon Darksaber stiring inside Dante and could sense Dante's apprehension on the subject. But for Yoda to help, he must see the demon face to face. "Do not be affraid. Trust in the Force you must. Jedi you are, no matter what. Always remember that."
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We've Caught Your Scent [Aug. 17th, 2008|01:59 pm]
Tales of the Jedi
The darkness was thick. The weight on her body felt almost overwhelming as she knelt down before the commanding black metallic figure. His rhythmic breathing felt like ice penetrating her very core as her head lowered in front of him. His arms were crossed as he looked down upon her and spoke with a deep commanding voice, "You have done well Assenda. Your training is nearly complete. You are without doubt the most skilled assassin in the Empire."

The curl of her lips spread into a smile as he said this, "Thank you my master. You have trained me well. What have you summoned me for?"

The figures hand made a motion for her to rise and follow him. As she stood, she followed him into a nearby chamber with a large screen on it. There was a star chart with a small blinking blue dot on it. "There is a disturbance in the Force that the Emperor and I have felt that can only mean one thing. Jedi. They have gathered on this planet, an uninhabited planet that was once their hidden temple after the purge. They are gathering there. You must go there and gather as much information as you can. Also," He pressed a button with his large leather glove and a picture of a man popped up. The picture changed to another man who looked similar but had a darker look about him. "These two men, Dante Kamatura and Tal Mantalus. If you get the chance to kill either of them, do so. They are becoming a greater threat to the Empire then they should have allowed to have become."

"Yes my master. Do you wish it to be slow or quick?" She asked hoping he would say slow.

"Whichever you wish, but bring back evidence of their destruction. If you bring back one of their heads, I will take you as my personal apprentice." The figured boomed.

"Thank you my master. I am most honored." She said excited to finally be gaining ranks in the Sith. Darien would be happy to hear that she had this chance.

"Tal Mantalus no longer uses the Force. He may be easier to take, but he will not be alone. Dante is a very strong Jedi and very skilled with a lightsaber. It would be best to kill him quietly." The figure turned and began to walk out of the room. "I want to know how many Jedi are there and what their plan is. Do not fail me Assenda. I do not take failure well." The figure walked out of the room and into an elevator. The doors hissed shut and zoomed off as he left the assassin to her thoughts.

She smiled, "This will be fun."

"Yes it will be." Said another voice behind her. A younger man walked forth and crossed his arms. "Did Lord Vader give you the task of killing my father?"

Assenda looked at him with surprise, "Your father? I thought he was dead?"

"Apparently not." He said and walked over to her. "Please do one thing for me." He took her face in his hand and smiled deviously, "Make is slow." He said in a low whisper and kissed her.
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It's been fun...but it's time to go.... [Aug. 16th, 2008|03:00 pm]
Tales of the Jedi

Tal stood after a sitting for a very long time at the shore of the waterfall. He was soaked to the bone, but didn't care. He had to stay here one last time, spend some time with his dead apprentice before he left. His eyes gazed around at the trees, the rocks, the water, the animals. He wished he could feel the through the Force, but knew he couldn't. A tear fell down his face at the thought of not being able to use the Force then he sighed deeply.

"Good bye son....I love you." He said quietly and turned away. His feet worked slowly as he made his way back to the Temple.

The sun was beginning to peek up over the trees as he passed Serenity's ship. He knew she was probably inside either sleeping, or worrying about Tal, but he kept walking past. It took him a bit, but he climbed to the top of the Temple and watched the sunrise. He had done this every morning and he knew this would be the last time he would ever see this sunrise again.

Tal got a strange sadness in his heart knowing this. He was glad to know he was leaving but it was hard knowing he would leave when he had spent so much time here. He sighed again and heard footsteps and people moving down below. Moving over, he saw his son looking up at him. He smiled and waved and Tal waved back. "Morning..." Was all he could say.

"Morning dad. What are you doing up there?" Tal Jr. asked curiously.

Tal smiled as he made his way back down, "Just watching the sunrise. Do me a favor and gather your mother and the others. We have to think about leaving." Tal Jr. smiled and nodded as he ran off towards Serenity's ship.

About 10 minutes later, there was a group around what was the fire pit. Tal spoke first, "Thanks for coming everyone and I mean just coming here in general. I'm glad to know that you are all alive and well. However, we must now think about leaving this place. But where can we go? We have to be careful with so many Force User's gathering together, it sort of makes a Force beacon for those who are searching for us. So where to guys?"
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25,000 years into the future [Aug. 13th, 2008|04:17 pm]
Tales of the Jedi

Alexis Renvar stood in the masters chambers. The council stared down at him. " I am ready when you are Masters."..

The small green Jedi master spoke " Needed you are jedi Renvar, your battle with the dark Jedi Belin has been your trial. Combined the force of the masters have we to create this portal. There is a great disturbance in the future of the Ashla. Try we must to send help. One who knows the Ashla as it was born. One who is not tainted by the dark. Go now Renvar and may the Ashla be with you."

With a nod Alexis stepped through the blue portal. And they world exploded...

Many millennia or a couple of seconds later Alexis fell hard to the ground.. Groaning he rolled over onto his side. He looked around. He was on the remains of a building, on a style of construction he did not recognise. He got to his feet with some difficutly. He was so confused bits of memory were catching up with him.. where was he?

Reaching out to grasp the Ashla he gasped. It flowed through him like it never had, but it was changed.. tainted. There was a darkness to the Ashla he had only once felt before. But now it was part of the Ashla, as if it was a ....dark side.

Hearinf goot steps he ignited his Lightsaber still attached to the power cable on his back. He looked around again. His arrival had incinerated plant life in a fice metre radius. He hoped he wasnt about to deal with some angry locals

" Who goes there"

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Only slightly crazy... [Aug. 11th, 2008|03:42 pm]
Tales of the Jedi
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"Approaching surface..." the computer displayed across its screen.
"We're here! Good job everyone! It was really a great group effort!" Tella called out to her ship. She giggled as it echoed through the empty hallways. "Of course, I really think it was a bit of a solo effort on my part at some points. Sometimes you guys can get a bit lazy!" She laughed louder as her voice echoed again.

The ship settled softly into the tall grass that surrounded the blackened ruins, the ship's ancient parts emitting a few whistles of steam as they cushioned the vehicle. Tella clapped her hands enthusiastically and hopped up from her seat. It had been a long voyage, but she was finally here. Skipping through the halls of the ship, she saluted imaginary underlings that had "helped" her on the journey.

"Good job!" "Well done, cadet!" "Make sure to tell the mechanics to look into those noises the engine keeps making!"

She ran down the loading ramp, doing a collection of cartwheels and flips when she hit the grass. The ship was in plain sight of anyone passing by, and so was she, but that really didn't matter much any more, did it? Finally, she fell into the soft green stalks, laughing and giggling as she watched the white strands of her hair fall down around her face. She remembered how the long silky threads had once been much darker... Or maybe they had never been nothing but white since the day she was born! After all, everything else was a lie! How had she gotten to this point? How had she become so insane the she doubted even her own hair color? How was she so crazy that she'd come here to kill herself here? As she pondered questions she already knew the answer to, she laughed at herself. Laughed, and laughed, and laughed. She did a lot of that now - laughing. Your life is much more carefree when you think it's been a total lie. She giggled again at the insanity of it all. How has this all started again?

It had been with the end of the temple, hadn't it? She laughed hysterically. The temple! What temple?! There had been no temple, there was no proof of any of their temples! Just some ruins that could have been anything! The temples had all been parts of her imagination, just like everything else. She had gone after Dante to save him, though looking back on it she doubted she could have. Dante, Dante, Dante... He had been too handsome to be real, hadn't he? Well, after all, he hadn't been real anyways. He'd just been part of her illusion, just like everyone else. She laughed. Ah, but she loved her illusion with all her heart! Of course, back then, she still thought he was real. She could still feel him then through the bond they shared: she had still had proof. Slowly, though, that faded with the doubt that filled her heart. Finally, she grew desperate, desperate to find anyone, see any sign that they had all really been there. Of course, there wasn't. No word of a cute blue twi'lek and her adorable blond boyfriend, none of a beautiful woman with her young son, none of a majestic girl with long flowing hair. None of Tal, of Zen, of Eres, of Jason. They weren't real, she realized, and they had never touched her life because they were all just her imagination. She giggled. How foolish had she been to think such beautiful people - inside and out - could ever really be real? Such pure souls didn't exist in this day an age.

So she changed herself - throwing away the last elements of her lie. She took on her echani appearance again, changed her voice, stopped shapeshifting, put away her lightsaber, even muddied her force signature so that it could only barely be recognized and made it as quiet as she could so that she would appear 'normal'. She was not the person she had once been... and she was happy she wasn't. The hollow hurt and sadness - the pain and anguish she had felt while looking for so long - that had once filled her heart had faded away when she had become someone else. She'd let go of the lie she had once embraced and made a brand new one. And so now she was sick of it all, and she'd come to end it where it all began.

She heard footsteps running towards her through the grass and she laughed hysterically again. This was either her death or just another illusion. She didn't care which, it was all so funny to her now. The figure stopped above her head and she opened her eyes and smiled. The face was obscured by the sun, but she could make out the jedi robes that rippled in the wind.

"Hello up there!" she called up happily to the figure.
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(no subject) [Aug. 7th, 2008|09:06 am]
Tales of the Jedi
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The young man fell to his knees with rage in his eyes and sweat pouring from his brow.

" Pathetic " boomed a mechanical voice. " Do you honestly expect to become a Sith Lord with those feeble attempts. " With a surge of power the power launchedhimself into the air landing in a fatal arc, his lightsaber cleaving the battle droid in half. " Most impressive " Boomed the voice again.

Hours passed and the young man worked through many lightsaber techniques and darkside powers. At last Vader called for rest.

" Very Good Darien, embrace your anger and feed your hatred and you shall grow sronger by the day. Strong enough to avenge yourself against the Jedi. Strong enough to be my apprentice"

As Vader made his way back to his meditation chamber ,stopping only to choke an incompetent deck commander to death as one does, he mused on a strange feeling that had struck him. A concentration of force he had not felt in years. Somewhere powerful force users wer banding together. It worried him 
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(no subject) [Aug. 1st, 2008|08:53 am]
Tales of the Jedi
A wave of feeling drenched jason as he left his ship and walked onto the surface of the old ruins. He had not known them as the others had. His home had been the space station and then the later temple. This original home of the other still pulled him however. he had been far away when he had felt the call. Leaving at once he set a destination straight to the strange world.

Walking through the debri he felt shadows and echos of previous lives whisper to him. He made his way up to an old abondoned looking tower and felt cold. There had been death there. Jason knew death. It was the path he had chosen to walk. A rare and mostly forgotten about branch of the Jedi order. The deathwalker. In his wake was death but not in a sith sense. He was finely attuned to all the death around him and could pass to the sprirt realm to speak with them. he gained incredible amounts of knowledge on this path and still he felt as if something was lacking. 

He pushed through a bush and saw 3 figures standing in the clearing. Two he thought he recognised.
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